Diet detox super food & immune boosting food collection in heart shaped porcelain bowls over rustic wood background. Foods high in antioxidants, anthocaynins, omega 3, protein, vitamins & mineralsLeading a lifestyle based in functional medicine means finding healthy recipes you love! From there, you can prepare meals and snacks for your unique nutrition. Remember, we all have different caloric and dietary needs. After your initial appointment, we’ll create a wellness plan that includes dietary recommendations. Suggestions may include incorporating vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, keto and paleo recipes into your lifestyle. We’ve included some of our favorite recipes here!

A Functional Approach to Nutrition

Nutrition is a cornerstone of functional medicine. It is one that cannot be overlooked when developing a wellness plan. We all want to live full lives, however, too much or too little of anything can cause problems.

Every person has a unique footprint that stems from genetics, lifestyle choices, exposures and stress on the body. That stress can be both mental and physical.

Additionally, each person’s nutritional needs are different. Whether you are introducing a “meatless Monday” into your diet for the first time, have been eliminating gluten for years or are testing a dairy-free lifestyle, there are recipes to support you.

When possible, look for organic, whole-food ingredients. Also, use BPA-free containers, cookware and utensils.

Meal Planning with Healthy Recipes

Meal planning is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. It helps you maintain your wellness goals and save time and money at the grocery store. Additionally, it also prevents food waste. Taking the time to meal plan also allows you create variety in your diet and keep meals fresh and exciting!

We’ve included a range of vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, keto and paleo recipes for you to review and try! They are divided by healthy meals, snacks and appetizers, desserts, smoothies, kid-friendly and holiday and seasonal favorites. Keep in mind, if a recipe calls for an ingredient that doesn’t work for your plan, substitute it! Living your healthy lifestyle means you need to do what is best for your unique needs.

Share Your Healthy Recipes

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe that you would like to share? Message Naples Center for Functional Medicine on Facebook or Instagram! Use #naplescfm with your meal planning and recipe photos so that we can share your healthy creations!

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