Have you heard of the Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen? This easy reference guide lists which vegetables are the most and least likely to contain pesticide residue. We recommend our patients eat 100% organic but understand that’s not always possible. Items on the “Dirty Dozen” list should always be purchased from organic sources. Be sure to wash your produce well regardless of the source.

Pesticides have been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, Asthma, Endometriosis, infertility, skin diseases, cancer, and more, so it’s important to avoid them wherever possible. Save this graphic to your computer or phone, or print for use, to remind you which produce items have more pesticide residue than others. Looking for a trusted source for all your healthy eating? Download the Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Living App and read more about the Clean 15 here.

*NOTE: The Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen lists are not dietary recommendations and some of the listed items should not to be consumed on a ketogenic diet. *We recommend against the consumption of high glycemic foods for those adhering to a ketogenic diet, regardless of whether or not they are listed in the “Clean 15.” Sweet corn, soybeans, sugar, papayas, zucchini, and yellow squash are all potential sources of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and should be avoided unless specified “Organic” or “Non-GMO.” (Environmental Working Group. EWG’s 2014 )

As always, consult with your physician prior to making any substantial lifestyle, health or nutritional changes. To schedule an appointment and discuss your personal health and wellness goals, call the Naples Center for Functional Medicine at 239-649-7400 or submit an appointment request through our online form.