Kids in Park

In honor of National Childhood Obesity Month, here are 6 quick tips and tricks on getting your kids active.

  1. Play with them: get outside with your kids and enjoy the fresh air!
  2. Limit screen time: this can prevent your child from becoming too dependent on entertainment from Television or Video Games.
  3. Lead by example: show your kids how to lead a healthy lifestyle by living it with them.
  4. Involve their friends: invite friends to partake in the activities.
  5. Make it fun: don’t make exercising seem like a punishment! Use the moment as a break from homework and for some quality time, like throwing or kicking a ball around outside or going for a relaxing evening walk.
  6. Establish a routine: plugging in regular family fitness is key. Plan a walk around the neighborhood after dinner and weekend bike rides to get in the habit.