It’s a brand-new year and that, of course, means a flurry of New Year’s resolutions. As the calendar turns, it’s a fresh opportunity to reset, and take concrete steps to live and feel better.

Dr. George Moricz, an anti-aging expert, author and integrative health specialist at Naples Center for Functional Medicine joined ABC7 anchor Jen Stacy to share how functional medicine can help individuals look and feel better in 2024.

When setting goals for a healthier you, Dr. Moricz helps patients focus on realistic goals and lasting changes in lifestyle vs short-term fixes. By identifying and addressing the root-cause of aliments or health prevention barriers like lack of nutrients, hormone imbalances or toxicity, patients receive an attainable and sustainable wellness plan called a youthful blueprint.

Dr. Moricz’s top recommendation for a healthier you in the new year? Focus not only on how much sleep you’re getting but the quality of restorative sleep. Learn more by watching and contact Naples Center for Functional Medicine to learn more about a custom sleep hygiene plan from Dr. Moricz.

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