An anti-aging expert, author and integrative health specialist is the newest medical team member at the Naples Center for Functional Medicine.

Dr. George Moricz, an internationally renowned functional medicine trailblazer, has practiced medicine for more than two decades, including serving as a physician overseas in the U.S. Air Force as well as in private practice in Texas and Florida.

He earned an undergraduate degree in biology from Boston College and a doctorate in medicine (M.D.) from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. His multi-disciplinary background includes extensive experience with hormonal management, medical bariatrics and anti-aging therapies, all cornerstones of functional medicine – a science centered on prevention and holistic treatments rather than focusing on a single ailment.

The functional medicine difference

Naples Center for Functional Medicine utilizes modern modalities like functional testing, supplements, IV therapies, nutritional analysis, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, genetic testing and evidence-based solutions to improve patient health.

“Dr. Moricz has a well-deserved reputation as an anti-aging thought leader who provides customized treatment regimens for those looking for natural alternatives to improve their wellbeing,” says Bill Crupi, regional practice director. “We couldn’t be happier to welcome him to the practice as we continue to provide patient-centered functional medicine services to a growing number of patients.”

Anti-aging expert

An active lecturer, researcher and author, Moricz has written several books on anti-aging, including “Your New Beautiful Self” and “The Hot and Sexy Hormone Solution.” He has designed custom sleep systems, beauty products and nano-energetic formulas, pioneering revolutionary therapies that he’s continued to refine over the past six years.

Moricz joins the practice’s providers including Dr. Lina Sakr, Dr and Rona Tagalog, ARNP, in providing patients with mind and body wellness through a holistic, integrative approach.