Featuring Eduardo Maristany, MD of Naples Center for Functional Medicine & Diane Hayden, PhD of Essential Naples Magazine

Aging is a natural occurrence, but functional medicine provides holistic treatments for anti-aging that can improve energy, sleep, and slow down the onset of weight gain and disease. In this video podcast, Diane Hayden, PhD, interviews Dr. Eduardo Maristany on integrative ways to slow the aging process, NAD+ treatment options and benefits, as well as the difference between chronological and biological age and how to potentially reduce the occurrence of disease.

In this video podcast, Dr. Hayden and Dr. Maristany discuss:

  • Cognitive vs. biological aging
  • NAD+ research and health benefits
  • Treatments to improve energy and sleep
  • Healthy habits and supplements to improve anti-aging and blood sugars


Dr. Hayden is an entrepreneur and publisher of Natural Nutmeg and Essential Naples magazines. She is dedicated to helping people reach their fullest potential in business, fitness, health, wellness and relationships. Dr. Hayden has worked as an assistant professor at Central CT State University, St. Joseph’s College, New York Chiropractic College and Manchester Community College. She led the Education and Sales Division of Designs for Health, a physician-only line of nutritional supplements, and was instrumental in designing, planning and promoting educational seminars for healthcare professionals. She is a published author in numerous peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Applied Physiology, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and the Journal of Gerontology.

To learn about Dr. Hayden, visit the Essential Naples website.


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