Excess moisture, flooding and standing water from Hurricane Ian’s impact to many homes and businesses can contribute to the growth of mold. In this interview, WINK News reporter Kellie Miller, interviews residents about mold exposure in their homes and Dr. Eduardo Maristany for health implications and functional medicine recommendations.

Naples Center for Functional Medicine suggests that patients who have been exposed to mold:

  • Check mold levels in your home with a certified lab
  • Please contact us for a list of CLIA-certified labs for testing
  • When looking for a Mold Treatment kit, make sure it includes:
  • Liposomal Glutathione – binds mold toxins in mucosa and blood and helps you elongate them via feces/urine
  • Biocidin Nasal kit – helps eliminate mold and biofilm in sinuses
  • GI Detox – combination binder helps pull mycotoxins out of the gut/bile where they reside
  • Basic MVI with Zinc and Liposomal Vitamin C to boost the immune system

If you have questions or concerns about mold, please contact us at 239-649-7400.