The coronavirus pandemic has altered our way of life and left many searching for answers. 

In this video interview, Dr. Linsey Berkson interviews Dr. Payam Nabizadeh, an ICU doctor in Jacksonville, Florida specializing in internal and critical care medicine as well as pulmonary disease, and Dr. Eduardo Maristany, a board-certified internal medicine and functional medicine physician at Naples Center for Functional Medicine, about the realities of life on the frontlines of treating patients with COVID-19 and discusses why COVID-19 should be taken seriously.  

Topics covered in the episode also include:  

  • Concerns of frontline healthcare works amid COVID-19 
  • How COVID-19 differs drastically from the flu  
  • Why people believe COVID-19 is a hoax  
  • Why fever may not be the best indicator of COVID-19, especially among the elderly population 
  • How COVID-19 is a blood-clotting illness and which blood type is more prone to blood clots 
  • What you can do at home to naturally ward off excess “fibrinogen” a substance that can boost the risk of blood clots  
  • What natural products are helpful to strengthen your immune system and at what dosages 
  • What habits you should adapt for your safety and the safety of others and why you should wear a mask  

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