What is post-COVID-19 syndrome? What happens to individuals after they have had COVID-19? Recovery from COVID-19 is creating a new set of uncertainties and battles the world has not previously known. The long-lasting impacts of COVID-19 are still being discovered and documented. Mount Sinai Hospital in New York just opened the first Center for Post-COVID Care to explore and address the issues of COVID-19 aftercare.  

In this episode of the Dr. Lindsey Berkson Radio Show, Dr. Eduardo Maristanya board-certified internal medicine and functional medicine physician at Naples Center for Functional Medicine, and Dr. Suzanne Steinbaumpresident of the SRS Heart, program for Women’s Cardiovascular Prevention, Health and Wellness and was recently the Director of Women’s Cardiovascular Prevention, Health and Wellness at Mt. Sinai Heart in New York City, join Dr. Lindsey Berkson to discuss how COVID-19 can impact women’s heart health, how to prevent COVID-19 and how to advocate for your health.  

Topics covered in the episode also include:  

  • How COVID-19 may impact the heart 
  • Why women should be especially concerned about impacts of COVID-19 to their heart  
  • How to protect your heart from active and lasting impacts of COVID-19 
  • What is post-COVID-19 syndrome?  
  • How to prevent post-COVID-19 syndrome  
  • How post-COVID-19 syndrome is treated  
  • The use and dosages of natural anti-inflammatories  
  • Vitamins and supplements to consider for your heart health and overall health 

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