Your genetics can tell a lot more about your health, personal use of nutrients and foods, and lifestyle recommendations than you may think. To dive deeper into this topic, Dr. Eduardo Maristany joined Dr. Lindsey Berksonon her podcast and YouTube show to discuss genetics, medicine, nutrition, and how they play a role in COVID-19. To listen to the podcast, visit Dr. Berkson’s website or view the video below to watch the discussion.  

Topics covered in the episode also include:  

  • Information about genetic polymorphisms or snips” 
  • How do doctors interpret your snips to guide your health journey and make preventative recommendations  
  • The connected relationship between hormones and genetic interpretation  
  • Why some snips reveal themselves as we age  
  • The role genetics plays in COVID-19 
  • Suggestions to reduce the use of Proton Pump Inhibiting Acid Blockers 
  • Information on migraines, gut health and genes 

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